Follow the Rhythm with Artist Guitars

Stepping into high school was not that easy as people think it to be. My parents were expecting a lot from me and I did give away too much as what was expected from me. They did appreciated my effort as my giving up on the most heart favorite thing of mine was not at all what I ever projected. But this giving away was not for long time as I told my parents that what playing guitar means to me and for exam preparation I’m giving up and then later on I’ll start with it again. After entering/ high school I realized that this is one of the way to get high recommendation in the good universities. At this time my dad himself introduced me to Artist Guitars promo codes which helped me in finding the best guitar to practice on.



While selecting the courses for myself I came across with the option of Music as my optional subject. Just by reading the requirements and scope of further possibilities it made me very happy. I discussed with my dad when I was selecting courses. I choose all the appropriate courses which included calculus, English, biology, Spanish, instead of gym I opted for music. My friends didn’t like me dropping on gym & sports and in place of that choosing music.


I was very good in basketball as well which was my favorite time pass and I played with my dad every day but in comparison with music there was no chance of me dropping guitar playing. The first day I stepped into the class I realized that there were very few who were interested in the class but to me it meant everything.

When I started paying attention in the class I got so involved in the rhythm and notes which also made other uninterested students be serious.



With the passage of time the group improved and with the help of the choir we started to practice more and more. My guitar skills got more enhanced as my teacher also paid extra attention towards me as I was very keen in learning what I was doing. Artist Guitars coupons helped me a lot as two other guitarist in the group asked me about where to find the right instrument and the only place I knew was what I recommended with hefty discounts. My teacher as well recommended the store to the school as the best variety of drums, violin along with microphone and other stuff was available at the store on right price.

My dream to play music is now taken care of and that on with the consent of my parents who now believe that I can take care of my studies and this is the main reason where I can be allowed to follow my heart too.